February 14, 2022 – Occupational Safety Card Webinar – Työturvallisuuskortti webinaari englanniksi


The Occupational Safety Card (Työturvallisuuskortti) is required in many such as construction business or industry. Get it easily online now with our webinar!

Työturvallisuuskortti vaaditaan monilla aloilla kuten esim. rakennusalalla ja teollisuudessa. Työllisty helpommin ja hanki kortti nyt verkkokurssilla (webinaari)!

Please make sure that you select the correct amount of participants below! / Varmista että osallistujamäärä alla on oikein!

Seats available / Paikkoja jäljellä


Occupational Safety Card WEBINAR course in English – Työturvallisuuskortti kurssi englanniksi

Date: February 14, 2022 (for other dates click here)

Time: 08:30 – 16:30 (GMT +2 Finnish time)

The Occupational Safety Card  (“Työturvallisuuskortti” in Finnish) is required in Finland in many fields such as construction business or industry. The card clearly brings more job opportunities to its owner and is often absolutely necessary if one wants to get to work. The training provides basic information about the dangers within a working environment and occupational health and safety in shared workplaces. A personal Occupational Safety card, which is valid for five years, is granted to persons who successfully complete the training (8 hours).

All our courses are now WEBINARS!  A webinar is a live, virtual event that is executed online. It is an educational session that includes audio and visual communication between a speaker and attendees. Just like any other event, a webinar has a predetermined time and date. To participate in a webinar you have to use your own computer, tablet or mobile phone and you have to have a stable internet connection.


  • 109 € (EU companies: 0% VAT – reversed VAT, VAT number required)
  • 109 € (non-EU companies: 0% VAT)
  • 109 € + 26,16 € (Individuals + companies in Finland: 24% VAT) = 135,16 €

Individual participants must pay the course fee during the registration (cash or credit cards accepted). A personal Occupational Safety Card (valid for 5 years) is granted to persons who successfully complete the 1-day course (8 hrs).

The intended goals of this training are:

  • to improve practical cooperation between purchasing and supplying companies in shared workplaces
  • to support job introduction in shared workplaces
  • to provide basic information related to occupational health and safety
  • to reduce overlap in training provided by different purchasers
  • to increase interest and motivation regarding the occupational safety skills of the company’s own personnel
  • to reduce workplace accidents and hazardous situations

Note: After you have booked, you will receive a confirmation email. And 3-7 days before the webinar starts we will send to the participants email address a link to the webinar and some additional information about the webinar. Please click this webinar link appr. 10-15 minutes before the webinar starts to get set up and be ready to go.


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